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Pet Owners - an overview

Today many pet owners opt for cremation since it provides both a way to keep your pet near you and allows you to bury or scatter your pet’s remains at a special place that you shared and enjoyed.

The difficult decision of what to do with your pet is best made in advance. However we understand that this is not always possible. Nothing will really ease your grief, but your choice can provide a level of comfort that you are honouring them in their passing. Once your pet leaves your side you can be assured that they will be conveyed with the utmost respect to our facilities.

Collection of your beloved pet can be made from your  Veterinary Hospital or Clinic. Your Veterinarian’s expertise and experience plus a clear understanding of the pet cremation process, will make handling the steps along the path of honouring your faithful friend’s passing easier.

In the event of a home euthanasia or passing, collection from your home is also available, although extra charges will be incurred and these will depend on your location. Please discuss this option with your Veterinarian if necessary or contact us to discuss prior to booking.


1. Guaranteed Individual Cremation (Returned) 
This service includes the collection of your beloved pet, individual cremation (guaranteed) and return of the ashes to your Vet or Animal Hospital in your choice of urn or receptacle 

2. Guaranteed Individual Cremation (Non returned)
This service includes the collection of your beloved pet, individual cremation (guaranteed) but the ashes are not returned.

3. Prepaid Cremation Plan

4. EPA approved Unmarked burials available on request.

You can engage our services here.

How the process works:

A. You may organise with your Vet / Animal Hospital to contact us or alternatively contact / book with us directly and we will take care of the arrangements to either collect from your home or your Vet / Animal Hospital. (Collection from private homes incurs additional charges)

B. Online / Over the phone:

1. Select a receptacle/s should you wish to have the ashes of your beloved pet returned in our products section. With the exception of our Jewellery Pendants (which do not include cremation), all receptacles include:

i. the collection of your beloved pet from a Vet / Animal hospital as part of our scheduled collection cycle
ii. individual cremation and return of the ashes to the Vet / Animal Hospital with a cremation certificate in your choice of urn or receptacle.

2. Proceed to our checkout page to confirm: your details, chosen receptacle (if applicable) and the method by which you wish to have the ashes of your beloved pet returned (if applicable).

3. Place order.

4. One of our team will then contact you to confirm arrangements.


We understand that your pet is a member of the family, and how important it is that they are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. The process on our side proceeds as follows;

All pets received for cremation are allocated a unique code. Before leaving the Veterinary Hospital or Clinic, your pet is allocated a unique sequential Order number with paper work that has all relevant details of your pets requirements for the cremation process and is then rechecked throughout each step of the cremation, resulting in the guaranteed return of your pet’s ashes.

We guarantee that the ashes returned to you are those of your cherished pet, and your pet alone.

We also offer an Individual (guaranteed) Cremation - (Non Returned) service for pet owners who do not wish to retain the ashes of their beloved pet.