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Do you offer individual burial services as well?

Unfortunately we only offer EPA  approved unmarked burial services.

What is the cost for cremation?

This is dependent on the type of service procured, the type of receptacle chosen and whether the animal is to be collected and returned after cremation, as well as whether it is to be a special collection or as part of our scheduled run. 

How do I know that only my pet is cremated on their own and that no other pet is cremated with them and that it is only my pet's ashes in the receptacle that I receive?

We have strict procedures and processes that ensure the integrity of every cremation. The process is described in detail here.

Do you offer an after hours collection service?

Yes we do at an additional surcharge by prior arrangement by calling 0420 317 691

Is your facility open to the public - can I watch the cremation of my pet?

Unfortunately due to the strict insurance conditions related to the incinerator, we cannot permit public access to the crematorium incinerator.  

How long does it take for my pet to be returned?

Our turn around time from date of collection is 5-7 business days.

How do I engage your services -what is the process?

There are 2 steps:

1. If you wish to have your beloved pet's ashes returned to you, please browse our collection of urns and receptacles, all of which (with the exception of the jewellery pendants) include the costs of cremation, collection of your beloved pet and return of the ashes to your Vet / Animal Hospital (additional charges will incur if your collection/return area is outside of the Sunshine West 40km radius).

2. Once you have decided on a receptacle, add it to the cart, complete the Arrange a Cremation Online form, proceed to our checkout page and complete the order. One of our caring team will get in touch with you and take care of the rest.

Our team are very conscious of the level of trust that is entrusted to us who accompany your beloved companion on the last leg of their earthly journey.