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How Collection / Delivery charges work

Where the services of Southern Cross Pet Services are employed to undertake a cremation or unmarked burial, we do not charge a collection fee if the collection is made from Vet Clinics or Animal Hospitals during normal business hours and as part of the existing daily run sheet.

Additionally should a member of the public wish to deliver their pet to us and collect afterwards during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 08h30-17h00), then no collection fees will be charged.However if collections are required outside of these parameters, charges will be incurred as follows (these are options that can be requested at checkout:

1. Collection from Private homes during normal business hours in existing daily run schedule (we will advise you which day your area is being covered): $75.00

2. Collections from either Vet Clinics, Animal Hospitals or Private homes during normal business hours but that do not form part of the collection / return daily run schedule:

Melbourne Metro: $100.00 or
Outside of daily run sheet areas: $100.00

3. Collections from Private homes after hours Melbourne Metro only: $175.00

4. Collections from Private Homes after hours Outside Melbourne Metro (40km radius): $275.00

If you are unsure or need any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us before placing your order. Thanks.